Vision. Values. Mission.

«Mission in Business»

— is an international fellowship of business partners, who are using their projects as tools for bringing irreversible and positive changes into the life of people.

Biblical Joseph is a person who can be spoken much about. For us, the main thing in his story is the combination of trust to God and his effectiveness as manager at various stages of his life.
The peak of Joseph’s career was when he was put into a second-to-Pharaoh position in Egypt. He had to face a serious challenge: use all his managerial talent and experience to help the people of Egypt and other countries to survive the crisis. As a result, for seven consecutive years, Joseph was able to feed people of his country as well as trade with neighboring countries and thus considerably increase Pharaoh’s treasury.
It’s worth noting that realization of God’s projects through Joseph began not in church, but out in the world. He was able to change the destiny of his entire people not in the house of the beloved father, but in foreign land of Egypt.

«Mission in Business»

— is the union of the new Josephs, who are using their talents, business projects and resources to solve problems in Economy, Health, Education, Social Sphere, Mass-Media and Culture in accordance to the principles of the God’s Kingdom.

Our movement believes that Christianity has no walls. Living among people and developing as professionals, we bring to the society the principles of the practical New Testament and professional business management in the following spheres:

  • Economy;
  • Culture;
  • Education;
  • Social Policy;
  • Health
  • Mass Media

We believe that we are the Josephs of the New Time, Time of the End. We invite everyone who shares the principles of the God’s Kingdom, who believes in Jesus Christ and who is ready to provide his/her business to God as a means for meeting the needs of the people in the world.

Become a Joseph for your sphere!

Become a Joseph for your land!

For the hungry and god-thirsty Land!!