Pan Product

“Pan Product” is a company presenting the produce of Kherson plant of organic products. Currently “Pan Product” comprises the following products:
«Pan Tomatov» — Premium quality, dense natural tomato paste
«Pan Yablokov» — Premium quality, dense natural apple sauce
«Pan Garbuzov» — Premium quality pumpkin sauce (coming soon)
Tomato paste “Pan Tomatov”, apple sauce “Pan Yablokov” and pumkin sauce “Pan Garbuzov”– is all organic, natural food that has been grown on the fields of our partners and then processed according to “Cold break” technology on exclusive Italian equipment by “Manzini”. In addition “Pan Product” also introduces “Pan Smotthie” – fruit and berry blended mix based on “Pan Yablokov” apple sauce. More details can be found in the rubric “Pan Smoothie”. Kherson plant of organic products: because it’s all ours, because it’s all natural!
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