Culture and Show business
Music Stock Exchange

The main goal of the Music Stock Exchange is to build Christian culture and promote it within show business. The project rents out and sells music equipment, instruments, teaches, provides quality sound and light etc. Music Stock Exchange is an active participant and key organizer of a series of large scale musical festivals.
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Producing center “New Name”

According its founder, Vadim Evsyukov, project’s main goal is creation of organic, divine products that nourish and form inner human based on the values of the God’s Kingdom. Producing center exists since 2006 and has released the following albums: “New Name”, “What will he say in me”, “All about Kingdom”
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Project mission – conveying Christian values to the youth via club music. I’M YOUTH takes place once in 3-4 months in Kiev and goes on from 19.00 till 5.00 of the next day. Every time new and famous performers take part in the project. “Skimen”, NUTEKI, Flauss & Kleinn and many others are frequent participants of the I’M YOUTH show. Besides music, the program also presents trainings on topics that are important for youth.
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I’M HIPHOP Rap Festival

The main goal of the project is the revival of true, socially positive hip hop that is aimed at fostering morality within the youth. Integrity, respect, love, peace – these are the festival’s core principles. No bad words from stage, no texts with a negative message are allowed.
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