Health & sport
Champion Gym

Fitness Clubs created exclusively for men. Franchising system that is available to a wide range of business people and customers with average and low incomes. Alexander Kutcher, network’s head coach, two time world’s power-lifting champion, is ready to help men become champions in everyday life. Strength training machines, cardio zone, sauna and other things help men overcome life obstacles, reach goals and become Real Men. More information at:

Health Island

«Health Island» is an official representative of Wellness System World LLP, with headquarters in England. The company supplies every day massaging equipment onto the markets of Europe, US and Russia. A health island, which is typically found in trade centers, is offering free massage to its visitors. The company mission is: “Health of the nation through serving people”.
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SmileFit is a system of pre-school education for children. The main purpose of the project is to promote health awareness starting from early childhood (1 year). Classes are held three times a week and include development on all levels – creative, emotional, physical and intellectual. In addition, while a child is working out, parents can work out in the neighboring gym too.
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Nuga Best

Health saloons with a wide range of produce. The most famous and popular service and product of the project –is a special bed, which has been exclusively developed to alleviate or completely resolve a number of health problems. About 150 saloons all over Ukraine with over 100 000 visitors.
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Life Balance Club

Life Balance is a nutrition system. Using extracts of organic products, Asiatic gingseng, whole awakened grain as well as principles of maintaining inner peace – are the core principles of the project.
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Floorball, also known as floor hockey – is a team game that can be played in gyms and other premises.
The game has been designed in such a way that it can be played any time of year without depending on the weather. Floorball equipment consists of special hockey sticks and a plastic ball.
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World’s leader in women’s fitness with about 12000 clubs in 70 counties and over 4 million women worldwide. Over 90 clubs in Ukraine and Russia in just three years. Over 100 000 club members during this short time span. The most accessible franchise with the highest ROI in the CIS. Strong women community who has assumed responsibility for people from the risk group.
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I’M LIFE – is a project with a focus on healthy nutrition. It’s a domestic, quality, healthy product. The project gives the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle, resolve nutrition problems, and begin one’s own business with minimal investment.
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Pan Product

Pan Product
“Pan Product” is a company selling the produce of Kherson plant of organic products. Currently “Pan Product” comprises the following products:
«Pan Tomatov» — Premium quality, dense natural tomato paste
«Pan Yablokov» — Premium quality, dense natural apple sauce
«Pan Garbuzov» — Premium quality pumpkin sauce (coming soon)
Tomato paste “Pan Tomatov”, apple sauce “Pan Yablokov” and pumpkin sauce “Pan Garbuzov”– is all organic, natural food that has been grown on the fields of our partners and then processed according to “Cold break” technology on exclusive Italian equipment by “Manzini”. In addition, “Pan Product” also introduces “Pan Smotthie” – fruit and berry blended mix with “Pan Yablokov” apple sauce as its basic component. More details can be found in the rubric “Pan Smoothie”. Kherson plant of organic products: because it’s all ours, because it’s all natural!
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