Social projects
“White Nights” festival

The project is held annually in summer, in Kazantip, Crimea. For many years has the “White nights” festival been one of the main music events of the Christian world; it is being attended by thousands of people from all over exUSSR as well as from abroad. There is place for everybody: for youth, family, children and simply those who came to enjoy their vacation. Diversity in musical styles, trainings on interesting topics and much more is waiting for festival guests this coming summer.
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Prayer breakfast

Prayer breakfast – is a weekly morning meeting of socially active Christians and business people.
Prayer Breakfasts means a group breakfast, prayers and communication with each other.
Prayer Breakfasts are an excellent opportunity to set a spiritual vector for the entire week starting from Monday.
Is your Monday a spiritual day – or….?
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imShabbat – is a weekly worship of the “Mission in Business” community.
imShabbat is directly connected with the Shabbes tradition: time that is devoted to physical, psychic and, undoubtedly, spiritual regeneration. In this particular case – that of a Christian business person.
Concentration on the God’s revelations that are the foundation for all deeds of a believing business person as well as on the support of personal relations with the Main Partner – God, as well as spending quality time with God’s Body – these are the missions of the imShabbat service.
Beginning with September 8, imShabbat worship will be held at 13.00 at the following address: Independence Square, 2, “Dom Profsoyuzov”, floor 2.

Evangelical movement “Prayer Guards of Russia”

“Prayer Guards” is an evangelical project in Russia, which, in turn, is called to unite all evangelical Christians, specifically, within Russia.
“Creating a community of CIS Christians, who bring evangelical ideas into all spheres of society” – this is the main goal of the Movement.
Prophetic prayer guards take place in suburban Moscow as well as other Russian cities. Besides reach-out prayers, the movement will also include forming regular prayer guards in every region and subsequently – in every Russian city.
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